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This is who we are. This is is an online service provided by Expert Systems AG with Remo Fyda as CEO and has become one of the best-known online platforms for qualified customer feedback and review aggregation in the region of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. More than 802,100 freelancers, entrepreneurs, and large companies use's online surveys to collect customer feedback. As of May 2017, the ProvenExpert platform is also available to global users in English. Our team of 50 concept and graphic designers, web developers, and product and marketing professionals are based in Berlin, where they work on the development and expansion of our range of online services.
A good reputation is more valuable than money.
Phililius Syrus, 1st century BC
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Any business that wants to win new customers first has to attract their attention first - and reviews and ratings from satisfied customers are the best way to successfully market your services. We support companies of all shapes and sizes and enable them to present their work and success in an authentic way by utilizing feedback from their satisfied customers - and increase revenue as a result. An internal survey we conducted shows that our customers have been able to increase revenue by an average of 10% through using ProvenExpert.

9 out of 10 consumers check personal recommendations from friends by comparing them with reviews and ratings online. This is true for both products as well as services in all business sectors. Referral marketing is now a hugely important factor for success, as referrals have a cross-sector effect and are a more sustainable driver of new business than self-promotion. A growing number of Germany's four million companies are beginning to recognize the untapped potential of actively collecting feedback and leveraging this potential to push their businesses to new heights.

But only one in ten service providers actually uses referral marketing to their advantage. Many simply lack the time, experience, or knowledge to effectively collect reviews and ratings and put them to use as marketing materials. And that's where ProvenExpert comes in: we make successful referral marketing simple.
Even ProvenExpert itself leverages the power of feedback to successfully attract new business.

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With BELLEVUE Investments GmbH & Co. KGaA and renowned, experienced investors on our side, we benefit from the comprehensive support of our partners to push our services to new levels. Our angel investors include the Covus Group, the founders of Rheingau Founders—Dr. Tobias Johann, Philipp Hartmann, Kai Hansen and Marius Weber—as well as Andy's Angels Holding GmbH (Andy Geldstein), Eberhard Lange, Jörg Rieker and Bellevue Holding GmbH.
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